Violin making & Music

For any musical instrument, we are happy to be at your side to answer your questions about the origin and value of your goods.

Each musical instrument or bow entrusted to us for expertise will be examined with the greatest care. If necessary, a dendrochronology examination will be suggested in order to assess with exactitude the date of manufacture of your object.

Italian, French and German violins such as Antonio Stradivarius, Joseph Guarnerius, Jean Baptiste Guadagnini, Jean Baptiste Vuillaume, Nicolas Lupot, Jakobus Stainer and F.X. Tourte, D. Peccatte, E. Sartory, F.N. Voirin, J.P.M. Persoit, N. Kittel, W.E. Hill, and all the schools of the world will be welcome for our auctions but also for our private sales department.

We will also be able to appraise pianos, harpsichords, wind instruments, harps and guitars, as well as ancient scores which may accompany them.

We strive to offer our buyers a selection of beautiful objects and to facilitate advantageous sales for our sellers, in utmost respect of confidentiality. Do not hesitate to contact us for the former or the latter.



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