1/ Property appraisal

Our estimates are free and confidential.
Several possibilities are available to you:
Contact us to make an appointment by phone at: +41 21 566 75 66
by email or via the online form on our website.

In order to carry out an accurate estimate of your object, we shall ask you to submit all information in your possession, i.e. photographs, details, date, signature, technical characteristics, dimensions, state of preservation, etc.
Estimates based on photographs may be subject to adjustment after visual examination.

If you wish to receive our opinion about a group of items, whether a collection, an inheritance, a division between heirs or a house move, we shall gladly come to your home or any other storage location by appointment in order to offer you comprehensive advice.

2/ Entrusting us with your objects for an auction sale

You can drop off your objects by appointment or request us to organise transport, after an initial contact.
A sale mandate will be drafted specifying the terms and conditions of the sale (commission, transport costs, tax, insurance, etc.) as well as a precise list of the objects entrusted to us.
During the consignment of your goods, we shall decide together on the sale calendar and the best strategy to pursue, by integrating your objects into thematic or generalist auctions, online or live, depending on the opportunities offered.

Our auctions are broadcast internationally on the internet in order to reach a large number of potential bidders; they are also relayed to a targeted audience of collectors, connoisseurs or simple amateurs.

After the sale, we shall inform you of the result and proceed to the payment, deduction made of the commissions, fees and taxes agreed upon.

We dedicate our expertise and leverage our team’s talent in order to obtain the best selling prices.
As our remuneration is withdrawn from the amount of the sale, it is in our best interest to obtain the highest selling price.

Public auctions are the best way to sell your items at the best price and in complete safety; they indeed induce a competitiveness between the various potentially interested buyers, thus guaranteeing a sale to the highest bidder.