We offer personalised services in order to appraise your goods, whether it is the

contents of a flat or property, an entire collection or a single object in particular.

Why use our inventory services?

Making an inventory allows interested parties (e.g. heirs, spouses, joint owners...) to proceed with the sharing or auctioning of goods. It can provide a security for the transmission of the heritage, and may also represent a means to insure your valuables with complete peace of mind.
In order to produce this document, we travel in situ and undertake to establish an illustrated list of each object, its precise description and valuation.

The inventory allows you to take all the appropriate decisions serenely: sharing, putting goods up for auction and insurance documents.

As each situation is unique, you can contact our team directly in order to explain the circumstances of your request. We pledge to advise you efficiently, free of charge/ graciously (depends on the meaning) and in complete confidentiality.

We will establish a free quote on request.