ONLINE SALE Travel journals: Asia, Africa, Orient, Archaeology

dimanche 24 mars 2024 14:00
Arteal , Port - Franc 9 1003 Lausanne
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ONLINE SALE Carnets de Voyage: Asie, Afrique, Orient, Archéologie

Until Sunday, March 24, 2023 at 2 pm

Sale in collaboration with

Asian Art: Alice Jossaume, Cabinet Portier & Associés

Carpets: Cabinet Alexandre Chevalier,

Archaeology lot 160: Daniel Lebeurrier, Galerie Gilgamesh

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Port-Franc 9

1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

Online sales commission: 24.64

Potential buyers are obliged to comply with current regulations concerning animal materials.

Potential buyers are obliged to comply with customs formalities for export in accordance with article 21 of our conditions of sale:

art. 21/ ARTEAL takes particular care to ensure that the lots presented in the catalog comply with the Law on Transactions in Cultural Property

(LTBC). Foreign buyers must obtain information prior to the sale and comply with import and export regulations between Switzerland and the country of destination. ARTEAL is not in a position to provide assistance with cross-border transport or customs formalities, particularly for objects containing ivory, tortoiseshell or other regulated materials. These administrative formalities are the sole responsibility of the buyer, even if no mention is made of them in the catalog. The delay in obtaining an export/import license, or the failure to obtain one, does not in any way justify cancellation of the sale or a delay in payment of the total price of these lots.

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