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Sale information


The relationship between ARTEAL and third parties is subject to the present general conditions.

Participation in the auctions entails their unconditional and unreserved acceptance.


art. 1/ The sale takes place strictly in cash, in Swiss francs, and without guarantee. The

Potential buyers are invited to make themselves known to ARTEAL before the auction. They

They will receive a bidder's number to identify them. ARTEAL reserves the right to

to ask any potential buyer to provide proof of identity and bank details.

bank references.

Any person who places a bid undertakes to pay personally and immediately the

the auction price plus any expenses payable by the buyer and any taxes that may be due.

any taxes that may be due. All participants in the sale are deemed to be acting on their own behalf

own account, unless he/she has previously denounced his/her capacity as an agent on behalf of a third party,

accepted by ARTEAL. The slips are payable at the end of each session.

art. 2/ The auction will be pronounced in favour of the last bidder. However, in the event of

However, in the event of a dispute, ARTEAL reserves the right to designate the successful bidder and to continue the sale or to cancel the sale and

to cancel the sale and put the item back up for sale.

The auctioneer has the right to advance the bidding, to separate, join or withdraw any lot at his absolute

lot at his absolute discretion.

art. 3/ In the event that a reserve price has been stipulated by the seller, ARTEAL reserves the right to

the right to bid on behalf of the seller until the reserve price is reached.

reached. When a reserve price is not reached, the next lot will be auctioned by a simple hammer blow.

by a simple blow of the hammer. On the other hand, the seller is not allowed to bid on his own lots directly or

bids on his own lots, either directly or through an agent.

art. 4/ The higher bids must be made out loud or by a sign that unequivocally expresses the

the will to outbid.

In addition, the auctioneer reserves the right to refuse bids from unknown buyers.

unknown buyers.

art.5/ In addition to the amount of the bid and per lot, the successful bidder will have to pay a

commission of 20% + VAT at the rate of 7.7%, i.e. 21.54% including tax.

For lots marked with an *(asterisk) indicating imported lots, the VAT due by the buyer

the buyer is calculated on the hammer price plus commission.

It is the responsibility of foreign buyers to obtain information before the sale and to comply with the rules

and export regulations between Switzerland and the country of destination. If the amount of VAT

exceeds CHF 50, it may be refunded on presentation of export documents validated by

validated by the Swiss customs.

art. 6/ Online auctions are held on the website "https://", which constitutes a technical platform allowing to participate in

Arteal Auctions LLC

Phone : +41 77 240 08 06 - Email :

Rue des Côtes-de-Montbenon 3 1003 - LAUSANNE - Switzerland

electronically in public auctions taking place in auction rooms.

auction rooms. The user wishing to participate in an online auction via the Drouot Live platform

platform must read and accept, without reservation, the terms and conditions of use of this platform

platform (available at ), which are independent of and in addition to

are independent of and in addition to these general terms and conditions of sale.

Buyers passing through Drouot Live pay an additional 1.5% of the auction price.

the auction price.

art. 7/ Lots are sold in the physical condition in which they are found at the time of

the auction. The exhibition allows buyers to appreciate the condition and authenticity of the lots.

the condition and authenticity of the lots, no claim will be accepted once the auction has been pronounced.

ARTEAL is at your disposal for any information and invites each interested party to

and invites each interested party to get information on the lots.

art. 8/ The documents (catalogue, list, flyer...) have been drawn up with care and in good faith. The

information included is only the expression of an opinion and does not constitute a

guarantee. They are provided for information purposes only and the same applies to the photographs,

dimensions and weight. The descriptions mention certain damages without establishing an exhaustive list.

exhaustive list. Likewise, the information graciously provided on the lots before the sale by our

our team before the sale are for information only and do not engage our responsibility.

art. 9/ Estimates are also provided by the Auction House and the Expert for information purposes only and do not

and do not confer any guarantee. They cannot be considered as

imply with certainty that the item will be sold at the estimated price or even within the

range of estimates.

art. 10/ In order to facilitate the presentation of goods during sales, ARTEAL may use video

video. In the event of a handling error that could lead to the presentation of a different item during the sale

different from the one on which the bids are placed, ARTEAL may not incur any liability and will be the sole judge of

ARTEAL cannot be held responsible and will be the sole judge of the need to restart the auction.

art. 11/ All visitors are responsible for any damage they cause to the objects or lots exhibited

directly or indirectly, up to the average of the estimates, increased by the commission

commission and VAT.

art. 12/ ARTEAL will be able to accept free of charge to execute purchase orders that have been submitted to it.

Sales conditions