Book lot including - Jean-Luc Parant, Les... - Lot 121 - Arteal

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Book lot including - Jean-Luc Parant, Les... - Lot 121 - Arteal
Book lot including - Jean-Luc Parant, Les mots boules and Le mot yeux, fata morgana, 1980, 500 copies each, with bibliophage ball of the first 5 editions. - Thierry METZ, Gilles BADAIRE, Sur un poème de Paul Celan, Jacques Brémond, 1999, collection "Le premier cent", Limited edition of 100 copies, ex. 208 printed on request on various papers, from one hundred to one hundred. - Françis Ponge, Philippe Guitton, La pomme de terre, la bibliothèque du lion, 2001, Limited edition of 27 copies, ex. 6 on vélin du marais. - Jean-Pierre GEAY, Yves Mairot, Cette neige soudain, Atelier du mot, 2000, including 3 original collages by Yves Mairot Limited edition of 40, ex. 12 on Johannot vellum, signed by the author, artist and publisher. - Monique DOMERGUE, Le siècle s'effondre, Jacques Brémond, 2000, Limited edition of 500 copies, ex. 375 in an Asian elephant dung cover with a poplar burl sun.
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